What can design do for you?

Nearly 30 years ago, iconic businessman Thomas J. Watson Jr. declared “good design is good business.” We couldn’t agree more. Not only does graphic design differentiate your brand, it changes your relationship with customers by elevating the conversation from “we have what you need” to “we get who you are.”

It’s a business tool

Graphic design, combined with strategic thinking, enhances the experiences that people have with your organization and its products or services.

AW CSR 2011
Corporate Sustainability Report   View Project

SAP Identity
Identity & Visual System   View Project

FA Hunger Camp
Hunger-Free America Campaign Identity & Fundraising Materials   View Project

AU Pres Report 2010
President's Report   View Project

BackPack Zipper Toolkit
Child Nutrition Kit   View Project

TCM ID 2011
Event Identity, Print Collateral & Apparel   View Project

Brand Identity Systems

Your brand needs to stand out. It needs to be different. And it needs to tell a story about who you are, why you exist and what you have to offer. We achieve this by creating brand identity systems that align to your brand strategy and are unique in voice and appearance. This leads to greater brand recognition, recall, loyalty—and value.

  • Logo systems
  • Colors, fonts & visual design elements
  • Tone of voice & verbal style
  • Templates and tools
  • Brand identity
Marketing Communications

Marketing tactics can be as simple as a postcard or as complex as a hundred-and-some-page website design. Either way, we start out by defining who we’re talking to, what we need to tell them and what we want them to do. And then, we execute—on brand, on budget and on time.

  • Brochures
  • Sales literature
  • Advertising
  • Posters & banners
  • Promotional items
  • Website & digital design
Corporate Reports

Annual reports, sustainability reports, community reports, capital campaign case statements and donor reports continue to be some of the most effective ways to engage audiences that are increasingly both business and community minded. And today, we can extend the value of these publications even more, through digital media.


Whether your marketing campaign requires print or digital design, we know how to simplify and focus your message to create engaging ads that attract and engage your audience. Who knows, maybe in fifty years they’ll create a show like Mad Men about our advertising generation. (We’re not holding our breath.)

Event & Environmental

People crave an experience. So whether you’re organizing a marathon, holding a corporate event or hosting a conference, graphic design can play an important role in creating an environment that gives your participants something to remember—and to talk about.
Are you thinking digital?